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Consultancy in mergers and acquisitions

Management de transition

Interim management

Conseil en management

Consultancy in business management


ARKARYS office has developed an original business model; indeed, it combines, within SMEs world, a business of consultancy in mergers & acquisitions with a business of performance of interim management missions and with a business of consultancy in business management. 


These three businesses are perfectly complementary due to a cross-fertilization effect; so, the interim management business enables ARKARYS office to remain very well posted of companies problematics, what is constituting for it a key advantage when it is induced, within the framework of its business of consultancy in mergers & acquisitions, to carry out a company diagnosis, a company valuation, a company business plan, etc., or when it carries out its business of consultancy in business management; in the same way, its skills in matters of assistance in company sale or in company takeover are often very valuable to ARKARYS office within the framework of the performance of an interim management mission or of a consultancy mission in business management.

Our Businesses

In matters of assistance in company sale, ARKARYS office is assisting the seller (SME owner, industrial group, private equity firm, ...) from A to Z until company sale closing.


In the same way, in matters of assistance in company takeover, ARKARYS office is assisting the buyer (individual, SME, industrial group, private equity firm, ...) from A to Z until company takeover closing.


Besides, in matters of interim management or of consultancy in business management, ARKARYS office is generally operating at the general management level of the company to turnround/transform/optimize.


 ARKARYS office operates mostly in France, but as well as the case may be in Western Europe and in the Maghreb.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction is our key value.

  • ARKARYS office is delivering very professional services, of a high technical quality level; if needed, it collects with its partners the skills which it does not have by itself; it is result-oriented.

  • ARKARYS office is featuring a high availability, a high swiftness in execution, and much reactivity / flexibility / adaptability to customer needs.

  • ARKARYS office is strictly abiding by the confidentiality obligations it is committing to in all the cases it is dealing with.

  • ARKARYS office has decided to behave in an upright way, and in particular to always tell its customer the truth, even if the truth is hard to hear, and, within the framework of cases working out, makes always customer interest prevail over its own interest; its faithfulness and loyalty vis-à-vis its customer, in particular vis-à-vis its customer shareholders, is total.

  • ARKARYS office is keen on preserving its independence in all circumstances, and avoids any situation of conflict of interest.

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